"Sunny Sails"

My family is originally from New Mexico.  When we moved to Washington, we traded in our horse riding for a deep romance with the ocean.  This design was first created as a gift to my dad and my appreciation for him getting us out and amoungst it.


Limited Edition hand painted and stained original wood wall art by Jenna Goodman.

Ready To Hang Artwork: Hanging hardware installed on the piece.

• Finished with UV protection clear coat with some moisture protection. (example: humid bathrooms)

*Being hand painted by Jenna, each piece is genuinely one of a kind.  Paint colors and wood grain of pieces ordered, will not be exactly the same as shown here.  Yet very close!

Sunny Sails

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  • Please Handle with Care: Since made from wood, these pieces are fragile and can dent easily.

    • To dust: Vacuum carefully with a soft bristle brush or blow out with a can of compressed air (used for cleaning a computer keyboard).

    • Can be homed in humid bathrooms.  Yet, hasn't been treated or tested for outdoor installations.

    SUNSPOT's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:  Please contact if anything happens with pieces purchased. 

  • • Artwork is mailed from my post office here in Bellingham, WA.

    • Can take 2-4 weeks for delivery.

    Is this a Gift?  Please contact Jenna for a rush delivery.

    • Free delivery to Whatcom County, WA

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