Welcome to The Sunspot Series!

Created by Jenna Goodman

Jenna's passion for the arts began with papercut art along with pyrography (wood burning). After attending wood shop classes, graphic design school, and laser intro at The Bellingham Foundry Makerspace, she fell in love with the creative freedom of combining hands-on styles with new technologies.


She loves blending paints, making saw dust in the shop, exploring new landscapes... Highlighting the outdoors through the beauty of wood grain has become her favorite style.


Why “Sunspot”?  Jenna grew up in southern New Mexico and her most favorite memories came from adventures at her family’s shared cabin off Sunspot Highway in NM's Sacramento Mountains.  Riding horses, building tree forts with her brothers and cousins, learning how to cook and start a campfire, telling stories around the campfire, getting “lost” in the woods with the family dogs... her most grounding memories come from being outside and swallowing up everything nature has to offer.


In 1995, Jenna and her immediate family moved to Bellingham, Washington.  “Where the forest meets the ocean”, her mom says.  Here in Washington, she and family traded in their horses for bikes, sailboats, and running shoes.  Her love for the outdoors hit whole new levels of meaning and inspiration. 


Connection to nature is her ultimate freedom.  Jenna hopes her art reminds us to keep getting out and amongst it.


Made in  Bellingham, WA

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