Supplies & Resources: 

Sunspot continuously works towards producing sustainable and locally sourced products while using eco-friendly production processes.  All work is designed and produced by Jenna Goodman.

General Finishes Wood Stains:  Water based and lowest VOC (fumes) offered in the industry.  Made in the USA.

GOLDEN Acrylics: Water based, transparent paint.  Made in the USA.

Edensaw Woods: Wood supplier specializing in sustainably harvested woods.  Located in Port Townsend and Tacoma, WA.  Use red oak, okoume, and birch.

Epilog Laser:  CNC machine used for cutting and engraving.  Manufactured in the USA:  Golden, Colorado.  First learned how to use a laser CNC machine at Bellingham's Makerspace.  Forever grateful for that opportunity!

WELDBOND Glue: Non-Toxic, made with no animal by-products, and environmentally friendly.  Originated in Baltimore, Maryland.  Made in Canada.


Additional Supply Resources:

Hardware Sales, Windsor PlywoodBellingham's Dakota Art, Bellingham Food Co-op, Lowes, and Home Depot.